Easy Salad Recipe

Salad… A good source of vitamins and nutrients. I try to make salads daily because it is good for the body, blood, digestion, and if you want to lose weight, salad is one of the best choices. Usually, we eat them at dinner, so we sleep well, not overwhelming digestion.


Tomato – 2

Cucumber – one third

Spinach – you choose how much you want to add

Leek – 4 cm

Celery – one stalk

Curly kale – you choose how much you want to add.

Freshly squeezed Lemon juice – one spoon.

Extra virgin Olive oil – two spoons.

Pumpkin Seeds – one spoon

Sesame seeds – one teaspoon

I like to fry the seeds for extra crunch. Feel free to add other nuts or seeds you love or skip them entirely.

Salt – a pinch to season and finish the salad.

Method of preparing:


Cut the tomatoes, cucumber, and the leek. Place them in a large mixing bowl, add spinach and curly kale.


Mix in a glass or a cup the lemon juice, olive oil and salt.


Fry with on the pan the pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Be careful the sesame seeds fry very quickly; be careful not to burn them.


Mix the ingredients from step 2 in the bowl with leaves.

I add the seeds to the salad before serving to keep the seeds crispy and pleasant smelling aroma.

This salad will be perfect combined with a juicy pork tenderloin or Pork Steak recipe that you can find on my blog.

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