Pumpkin Pastries – Recipe

You know the times when you want to bake something cosy and yummy, these pastries are delicious and healthy. My children don’t like pumpkin, but when I cook these pastries, they are conquered by their incredible taste.

The most wonderful thing about this recipe is that it is ready in maximum 30 minutes if you have all the ingredients.


Ready-rolled puff pastry from the supermarket

Pumpkin – 200 grames

Sugar – 5 spoons, (you can add more or less sugar, it depends how sweet you want the pie to be)

Cinamon – 1 teaspoon

Egg yolk – 1

Milk – 1 spoon

Powdered sugar – 2 spoons


Grate the pumpkin with a grater and mix it with sugar and cinnamon. Sometimes pumpkin leaves water, it is okay, drain it.


If you keep the pastry in the freezer, leave it for an hour to thaw. Unpack it and spread it out like a sheet, cut the sheet in third along with the fission, after that cut little squares (like I have done in picture).


Stretch every piece before placing pumpkin, make little cuts in a half part and put pumpkin in another part. You can glue the pieces with a fork, and they will stick much better. Also, it will give an exciting design.


Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. While you are waiting for the oven to get hot, grease the little pastries on top with an egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of milk.


Place the baking tray with pastries in the oven for 17-20 minutes, until the pastries become yellow. 

Step 5 

Take the pastries out from the oven and drizzle on top of them with powdered sugar. Everyone loves them, including meeee!

Enjoy the pastries!!!!

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