Pancakes with Banana and Chocolate Cream!

This recipe is perfect if you want to please any person that love to eat something sweet. To find out the pancake recipe access this link.


12 pancakes

6 bananas

Chocolate spread

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

From these ingredients, you will get 24 pancake rolls


I cut the pancakes into two equal parts.


Cut the banana lengthwise into four parts.


Cream the pancake with Chocolate spread and put a slice of cut banana.

Roll the pancake and all the remaining pancakes.

Arrange them on a plate.

You can decorate the pancakes with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, chocolate, whipped cream, or any other ingredient suitable for decorating food.

If you intend to eat the pancakes the next day, place the pancakes in a tray with a cling film on top to prevent the pancakes drying out. Keep the pancakes in the fridge. Decorate them before serving.

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