Crispy outside and soft inside, yummy, you have to taste the delicious fries.

Who does not like fries? I suppose all kids love them, and my lovely children also love them.

The best part is that the fries which I cook at home are fresh. They will not swim in a lot of oil which make them a healthy and delicious snack.


Potatoes -1kg

Salt – half teaspoon

Turmeric – the third part by teaspoon

Paprika- half teaspoon

Oil – 2 spoon

All the quantities depend on how many people will eat and, I do not season with many spices, because my children don’t like them.


First of all, I clean the potatoes and cut them in half.

Each half I cut into three parts, depending on how big potatoes are.

For a better taste, place the potatoes in a bowl with cold water, change the water at least twice. I usually leave them in cold water for another 30 minutes.


Drain all the water from the potatoes, add salt, paprika, a little turmeric and oil, mix all together.


The magic is coming:

Cover the baking pan with aluminium foil and place the potatoes on it. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius. Place the potatoes to cook for about 40 minutes to get savoury and crispy.

Et voila !!!! Enjoy delicious potatoes with a salad or a delightful sauce.

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