Classic French Pancakes Recipe

The classic pancake recipe is indispensable in any kitchen. We all like pancakes because they are easy to make.
Pancakes are always welcome to any holiday table or when you want to delight yourself with something delicious.
I love pancakes because you can serve them with cheese, meat, bacon, banana or chocolate. Leave fantasy and design to be your friend and decorate the pancakes with what you want.


1000 ml – of milk
400 gr – flour
50 gr – melted butter or 50 ml oil
8 eggs
150 gr sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla paste/vanilla essence
1 salt powder
From these quantities, I got approximately 30 pancakes.

Let’s prepare the pancakes.

Take a large bowl and place the ingredients, flour, salt, eggs, 200 ml of milk, melted butter(or the oil), sugar and vanilla. Mix the ingredients until the flour is incorporated and you get a paste without lumps in it. Next, gradually add the remaining milk, stirring constantly.

Place a pan on fire and spoil with oil. Fry the pancakes in the pan. To get the right amount of the mixture for one pancake, I use a ladle.

My children always enjoy fresh pancakes. Every time I return to place the next pancake on the plate, the plate is always empty. The magic is happening, and the pancakes miraculously disappear.

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