Easy baking

French Baguette

This classic French baguette recipe breaks down the step-by-step process to make artisan homemade baguettes! With this recipe, you will create authentic French baguettes with a crusty outside and a fluffy, chewy inside. In this recipe, the quantities are for three baguettes about 14″ (36 cm) in length. Ingredients: 500 g flour 340 ml of …

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Spaghetti with chicken breast and baked vegetables

Filling pasta and delicious vegetables combine perfectly with the creamy chicken to create a super flavour. Ingredients200 g spaghetti200 g chicken breast2 carrots1 onion1 parsley root1/2 sweet red pepper1/2 sweet yellow pepper300 ml Greek yoghurt100 g finely grated cheesesaltpepper1 teaspoon paprikaoilfresh parsley Steps to prepare STEP 1 Cut the chicken breast into strips and fry …

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Bread Croutons

A crouton is a piece of sautéed or rebaked bread, often cubed. Croutons we use to add texture and flavour to salads—notably the Caesar salad—as an accompaniment to soups and stews, or eaten as a snack food STEP 1 Slice a few pieces of bread and cut them into cubes. STEP 2 Place the bread …

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Pork Steak Recipe

Pork steak!Are you fancy trying a new recipe? Pork, onion, beer, coriander this is a winning combination. A lot of people like pork steaks as they are easy to cook. Ingredients: 6 pieces of steak 2 onions 1 spoon salt 1 spoon of ground coriander black pepper – half teaspoon Basil – one teaspoon White …

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Crispy outside and soft inside, yummy, you have to taste the delicious fries. Who does not like fries? I suppose all kids love them, and my lovely children also love them. The best part is that the fries which I cook at home are fresh. They will not swim in a lot of oil which …

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